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SEO Tips and links

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I was reading through some good articles about SEO (Search Engine optimization) tips, and come across really good articles and article about how to write Robots.txt file to allow or disallow content or directories of your web site, you want or dont want to be searched/ indexed.

1) Top 10 ways to link popularity – its really a good article on what one should do to improve popularity of his site.

2) Improving your search-engine status – Its a tutorial in 4 parts on how to improve your sites rating score.

Part 1: etc

3) How to improve your Page Ranking: This is an article which helps to improve page ranking and tells seven things to take care of:

4) Tutorial to Improve and Achieve Higher Search Engine Placement and Positions: Its a good tutorial to learn about search engine rankings

also one interesting one:

5) Here are few links to help you learning how to write robots.txt

enjoy above articles

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