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Model-Glue – one of ColdFusion frameworks

September 26, 2009 2 comments

I am out of job, I came to know this on 22nd of July 09, I was expecting this would happen from few weeks as Markus (CEO of Emojo) was kept mentioning it in our project meetings that co is facing hard challenges in this recession time for getting money from clients which was over due. Even on one day we worked over night to finish one promise which co made to one client and we worked approx. 28 hrs. staying over night. But that didn’t help to change the fate of the co.

I am using this time to learn few new things and brush-up some things which I wasn’t using from a while, one of the new things I wanted to learn from a while was MODEL-GLUE framework and now it is coupled with ColdSpring which was another thing I wanted to learn. During this journey I have come across few good articles/ tutorials, which I would like to mention here and share with others.

1) Tutorial from Dan Wilson, which is very helpful if you want to learn Model-Glue, I would like to thank Dan about this tutorial. Here is the link to his series:

Dan’s Model-Glue Tutorial