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Setting up Flex Project for Flash Player 10 and above

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I had a requirement in my new Flex project to use flash player 10.0 or up when using SDK 3.5

I found few tips from one article (but it was based on Flash Player 10 beta).

Here are the modified steps I took to sort the issue.

1) – Modify FLEX_SDK/frameworks/flex-config.xml.
Edit , replacing 9.0.124 with 10.0.0:
2) Create new Flex Project
2) Right click on your project in Flex Builder 3 and opt for properties
click on Flex Compiler and make sure Required Flash Player version has

The above steps should let you create your Flex app for Flash Player 10.0 and above

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Adobe Flex Combo box Binding Bug

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I was working on one project at 2nd Byte and hit this problem of Combo Box’s data provider not being updated intermittently.

I came across one post which described the bug in SDK 3.5 (it was in previous SDK’s as well.

I was doing like this:
[Bindable] public var comboDP:ArrayCollection;

myComboBox.dataProvider = comboDP;

and this wasn’t getting updated values and had to do like this to get this working:

myComboBox.dropdown.dataProvider = comboDP;

Link to the post


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Upgrade to Flex 3.5 – removes html templates files

May 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I came across the problem when I upgraded my Eclipse Flex Builder Plugin to use Flex 3.5 SDK.

When I was using clean my project option, it was removing html-template folders content, and solution is (I found a solution on web from one blog/ article):

Go to your project’s properties (right click, Properties)
Go to Flex Compiler
Under “Html wrapper” un-check “Generate HTML wrapper file” Click “Apply”
Then check “Generate HTML wrapper file” (the same one you just unchecked)
Click “Apply”
You should now see that the html wrapper files are regenerated.

This happened to me when I used the clean option on one of my projects.

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