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How to resize and crop Image Using Coldfusion script

I had requirement on my site www.eventaway.com  to resize Image after uploaded by user in two sizes one for view page and one as thumbnail, I found some script on web and improved it to fit in my requirement. here it is. I expect this code will reside in a CFC function


var l = {}; // local struct

/* Read file  and we will resize and crop it to make 200×200 */

l.img = ImageRead(“path of the image to be resized”);

l.resizeOriginalFlag = 0;
If( l.img.height GT l.img.width )
If( l.img.height GT 200)
ImageResize( l.img,’200′,”);
l.resizeOriginalFlag = 1;
l.fromX = l.img.Height / 2 – 100;
else if( l.img.width GT l.img.height )
If( l.img.width GT 200 )
ImageResize( l.img, ”,’200′);
l.resizeOriginalFlag = 1;
l.fromY = l.img.Width / 2 – 100;
ImageCrop( l.img,l.fromY,0,200,200);
If( l.img.height GT 200)
l.resizeOriginalFlag = 1;


<cfif l.resizeOriginalFlag>
<cfimage action=”write”
destination=”<path with filename>”
<!— <cfdump output=”/sites/resize.html” var=”#cfcatch#” format=”html”> —>

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