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Flex HTML ToolTip Component

To enhance the normal tool tip functionality to have html style break/ font weight for a portion of string:

You need to create a action class like this:
package com.philip
import mx.containers.*;
import mx.controls.Text;
import mx.controls.ToolTip;
import mx.core.*;

public class HTMLToolTip extends ToolTip
public function HTMLToolTip()
{    super(); }

override protected function commitProperties():void{
textField.htmlText = text;

to use this set this in your main component, call this function on creationComplete:

import com.*;
private function init():void{
ToolTipManager.toolTipClass = HTMLToolTip;
myBtn.toolTip = “<font color=’#ff00ff’ >this is <b>HTML</b>Tool<strong>Tip.</font>”



The original post has strong tag but that didn’t work for me in Flex 3.5 SDK <b> worked fine


Link to the original post 

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