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Magento Site builder and issues on Mac and PHP

I decided to use Magento (eCommerce Platform for Growth) to build an e-commerce web site as it was suggested by one of my friends and I had seen good reviews of it. I downloaded community version and wanted to play with it. There is another option which they call Magento.go

I opted for the second option to download the site (Downloader).

The first problem I hit was the problem of mcrypt module for php which wasn’t included in my default php install on my Mac 10.6.8. I looked at web and found one solution which was to build the module and recompile the php from source.

Here is the link for the solution

It was little tricky to recompile as I had php version 5.3.8 and first I tried with the same version and it didn’t work and found some where that even I have 5.3.8 on my Mac 10.6 still I need to build mcrypt module using 5.3.6 (means had to do it twice:( ).

I had to put the directive in my php.ini file like this.


And another thing happened to me after this was my php tags like this stopped working

<?= phpinfo(); ?> Though following were working fine

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Later I figured out that they call it short tag and to fix it I need to add following line in php.ini.

short_open_tag = On Here is the link for details reg this

Regarding Magento solution I was expecting it to be less painful experience but  it wasn’t the case. There aren’t good help/ tutorials available on web.

Hope my experience can help someone.

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