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ColdFusion – Cross Site Scripting

I had to fix one site which was sharing server with other sites to be PCI compliant for Cross Site Scripting and DB Injections.

Here are the few things I did to accomplish this.

In Application.cfc, I have added following:

<cfset this.scriptProtect = “all” >

Note: If you are passing object/script or any html  etc tags in form or query variable, this will break your code

Make sure you have following section in your cfusion/lib/neo-security.xml:

<var name=”CrossSiteScriptPatterns”>
<struct type=”coldfusion.server.ConfigMap”><!– this one is for site scripting –>
<var name=”&lt;\s*(object|embed|script|applet|meta|iframe|style|img|form|xss|body|html|head|title|input|layer|br|bgsound|link|xml|frameset|table|div|hr|base|a%20href|a href)”>
</var><!– following is for SQL injections –>
<var name=”;.*(select|insert|update|delete|drop|alter|create)”>

Now all you need to do is find the respective string in your out-put and display the (send user to) appropriate error/ message page

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